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[WHPR] Break the Silence!

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[WHPR] Break the Silence!

Post by Franklin Stone on Sun Dec 07, 2014 8:04 am

[WHPR 2572]
Deepchill & Break The Silence

this is WHPR 2572

:::A Deep Chill has come to the White House:::

:::Day 1 of the Deepchill Presidency:::


[WHPR 2573]Deepchill Takes Over

Dateline: Saturday, December 06, 2014 (Day 2573)
Location: James S. Brady Press Room, The White House

Today's WHPR:
: 1: Deepchill Wins Close Race Against Rainy Sunday
: 2: Oblige’s November Term in Review
: 3: Rate the Oblige Term
: 4: A Word from the Secretary of Media
: Video: She's no whale...

Editor’s Notes: Thanks to Custer, Rose, and the November Media team for making the transition so easy!

Deepchill Wins Close Race Against Rainy Sunday
Franklin Stone (yes, that Franklin Stone)

It is with great pride that I wish to congratulate Deepchill on winning the Presidency. Once again a member and leader of the most prominent Private Military Unit in America, Easy Company Militia, will be leading our country. In the coming days my belief is America will see great changes, (anyone who can keep both Henry Pfeiffer Arundel and Franklin Stone fighting on the same side is clearly imbued with super powers!).

It is my belief that Deepchill will work on building an inclusive government, a government of encouragement and mentorship sponsored by well organized Government Departments. It will be a government whose elected leaders strive to attract and retain new citizens, a government that seeks to encourage and build a community of loyal, educated citizens who will become the backbone of the future of eUSA.

This Presidential Election cycle was spectacular, two well respected and truly deserving candidates ran a very close and clean race - I am hoping for a rematch. Even though still only 25% of America voted; it was a strong showing, slightly up from last month’s Presidential election; I am simply glad we didn't decline any. One thing I wish to mention to begin with is, as my friend Ziggy knew and understood, it is all about participation. eRepublik could be the greatest game in world, but if the gaming environment is boring, caustic or demeaning to a new citizen, they will either shut up and 2 Click or worse leave entirely. Nobody wants to spend their gaming time playing with unsavory people.

Having played this game for a while now, it is also obvious that politics -like war- in eRepublik comes down to the numbers, I mean after all this is a war game and what is politics if not a war of ideologies?  In the last Congressional Elections somewhere near 25% of 3000+ Americans turned out to vote for our Congressional Leaders, that means 75% of the American population are either uninterested or non-existent for "one reason" or another. So this is my call to the 75% of Americans who make up this game's 'Silent Majority' -GET INVOLVED!

Oblige’s November Term In Review

I think the WHPR staff speaks for most of eUSA as we say a big “Thank You” to former President Oblige and especially his excellent Cabinet. Let’s take a look back at the month just ended and review Oblige’s term in office.

One of the less obvious events that the Oblige team had to face last month was a rather major shake-up in personnel. WHPR is not the proper forum for discussing exactly what happened or why, but we do want to make note that the team which began the term was not exactly the team that ended it. This kind of personnel turmoil can sometimes have a deleterious effect on overall performance. It seems like Oblige was able to weather the storm.

It was a term in which eUSA was not involved in any serious war activity. There were some semi-important battles for “Determination Reset”, but these were not challenged in any major way due eUSA being largely out of the International picture. Oblige supporters will rightfully praise him for doing a fine job of reset for all of our major holdings (except Poitou which is climbing above 1.62 and will be due for a reset soon). Oblige detractors will criticize him for the lack of meaningful warfare, as nothing encourages game activity and excitement quite like a good old fashioned brawl against our enemies.

Foreign Affairs
Which leads to the next point: who are our enemies anyway?

In what was referred to by Oblige himself as “the crown jewel of his FA policy”, eUSA signed a “Nonaggression Pact” with our former enemies in LETO and Asteria - alliances which include Serbia, Romania, Canada, Australia, and other nations we have opposed for a long time. Oblige supporters will say that as our allies make FA shifts in policy, we must follow suit. Oblige detractors will criticize him for waffling on what may be considered eUSA’s most permanent enemy in Serbia. You decide.

Public Relations
Oblige’s Media Team was extremely active all month long, and provided the only visible face to the Oblige presidency. Oblige himself did not publish at all during his tenure, so it was up to Media to get the word out. War Maps, Historical pieces, and consistency were a hallmark. It should be considered a major success that the grand old dame herself, the Pony Express has been revived. Oblige supporters ought to rave about the success of the November Media team. Oblige detractors will surely point to his utter silence in his own paper.

USAF and Military Organization
On the Military front, November saw excellent participation in weekly Mass Attacks. Despite the battles being mostly meaningless, this kind of activity is very important to the culture of our country and the MA’s should be seen as a great success. Additionally massive improvements were made by Oblige’s technical department to improve the recruitment process of the USAF. These are feathers in the cap for Oblige, though detractors will point out that USAF is still in need of attention to the development of a unified culture.

Your Turn
These were the broad strokes of November under Oblige. In this issue of WHPR you will be invited to give your opinion on Oblige’s November. We welcome your participation, and polling results will be published in a future WHPR.

Rate Oblige’s November
by eUSA

This is your opportunity to make your voice heard about November’s White House. You might have loved it. You might have… not.

Fill out this form.

WHPR asks that each reader ONLY complete the survey once, and that you refrain from skewing the results with troll responses.

A Word from The Secretary Of Media
"Break The Silence"

We at the James S. Brady Press Room are planning for December to be an exciting month for eUSA Media. We are asking you to "Break The Silence"!

On the surface, we hope you will enjoy reading (and voting up) each WHPR. You should expect between 2 and 3 issues each week. We ask that you read through each issue and vote for it, even if don’t entirely agree with its content. WHPR is America’s paper. It is good for eUSA when many people read it. We don’t want to have to waste your tax money buying votes. Please lend this paper your support.

As the Government Media Team, we regard it as our responsibility to foster a rich Media culture in eUSA. To that end, we intend to publish, in each WHPR, several “seeds” for articles - stories which we feel need to be written. Instead of writing these stories ourselves, we ask that the promising authors of eUSA take up our ideas and publish.

It is our stated goal to increase the quantity and quality of American media this month. If you publish an article based on one of our ideas, and if we like it, we will take the WHPR endorsement money and use it to endorse YOUR articles. So eUSA, get writing!

Here are several stories WHPR believes need to be written:

1: Housing Raw Materials have been stable at 0.12 for many weeks. They seem to be dropping to 0.11. Why?

2: Owning a Q1 House can be profitable. Explain.

3: eUSA is ready for war. What Country should we attack?

4: The Internet has many resources for broadcasting gaming media. How can a Citizen use the Internet to make eRepublik more interesting?

5: ???

Write your article. Send a link to your article to our Inbox. If we like your article, we will Endorse it!

Your White House Media Team:
Gnilraps, Secretary of Media

Franklin Stone, WHPR Staff Writer
PilotPhil, WHPR Staff Writer
Alexander_Auctorias, War Correspondent
Catsch73, Pony Express Editor

[WHPR 2572]
Deepchill & Break The Silence

All New Pony Express - Day 2571
All Presidential Election Campaign Articles!

Daily New Citizen Articles Are Back!
Be sure to check in every day and welcome our new citizens to eUSA!


Daily New Citizen Articles Are Back!
Be sure to check in every day and welcome our new citizens to eUSA!

Mike Ontry’s Cool Code and Script Site:


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Re: [WHPR] Break the Silence!

Post by Franklin Stone on Sun Dec 07, 2014 11:18 am

Franklin Stone

Posts : 2744
Points : 3081
Join date : 2013-03-23
Age : 67
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