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In order to help you get started with your Military Career in Easy Company, we need to make sure some of the most basic skills of playing eRepublik are covered.

In this section, you will find links to Educational articles, links to various 3rd party plugins and scripts, and some links to some other eRepublik-related resources and information.

Easy Company members are well-informed, helpful to new members, and contributing members of the eUSA Community.


Politics in eUSA

The Political atmosphere in the eUSA is one in which five main parties compete against each other for members.

Easy Company first got its start as a Party Militia under the Federalist Party. But having declared our independence from any Political Party, you can know for sure that there is no bias whatsoever in our Military Unit regardless of what party you belong to.

If you have not yet gotten involved in Politics, you may be missing one of the most entertaining aspects of eRepublik. The political dynamic is what makes this a "Social" browser game as opposed to just a browser game. You should get involved.

Read up on the current top parties. Talk to a few members. Find your way into the social circles. If all you ever do in eRepublik is click the fight and train buttons, you are going to miss a lot of the fun.

Also talk with other EZC members. We have, within our ranks, many soldiers who have served as Party Presidents, Vice Presidents, and in a variety of other other Party offices. (We also have quite a few former Country Presidents and other figures of National prominence within our ranks).

So here are some articles to help get you started:

A briefing on eUSA Political Parties
see also:
The Black Sheep Party
We The People
United States Workers Party
The Federalist Party
The American Military Party

Also, the eUS Government is an extremely active community where members from all different parties work together (more or less) to protect the interests of eUSA and our allies. You should learn a few things about the eUS Government.

Department of Defense:
DoD Overview

Latest Government Press:
White House Press Room

eUS Forum where Congress and the Executive branches do business:
Register here


One of the ways experienced eRepublik players enhance their gaming experience is through the addition of several "plug-ins" or "extensions" to their internet browser. In order to get the most out of eRepublik, it is advisable for you to use either Chrome or FireFox. Once you do, you should consider installing the following. You will find many additional benefits to using these plugins.


Start by installing Tampermonkey.
Then install eRepublik Stuff which adds many useful tools.


Start with Greasemonkey
Then install Stuff++

We also recommend the following useful set of tools: eRep Tools

Know of a tool we should include here? Send a message to Gnilraps and if it's good enough to get included he'll send you a thank-you gift.