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Easy Company Military Fitness Academy

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Easy Company Military Fitness Academy

Post by Gnilraps on Wed Mar 27, 2013 5:37 pm

Military Fitness Academy [MFA]
*Getting Started
*Spending Gold and USD
*Maximizing Every Click
*Getting Plugged In
* Topics are now Open
(Coming Soon)
eRepublik Acronyms

We at Easy Company welcome you to our Forum.

Easy Company is a fully independent Militia with a rich history and an unending dedication to protecting the sovereignty of the eUnited States of America. By becoming a Private in Easy Company, you've already become part of this history. Our Military Fitness Academy will offer advice from our Senior Officers which will help you get the most out of your eRepublik Citizen.

Our goal here in the Easy Company Military Fitness Academy is to help you do three things:

1 - Make the wisest possible decisions about how to spend your Gold and Country Currency (usually referred to as "CC". We will also just refer to it as USD). This game can drain you of Gold quickly. EZC Privates will learn where to spend and why.

2 - Make the wisest possible decisions about how to spend each "click" of the mouse. There are some mistakes which are easy to make in this game. EZC Privates are prepared to avoid them.

3 - Master the game. While EZC is completely independent of any Political affiliation, we want our Privates to succeed in Politics if they so desire. Our Senior Officers have a vast array of experience in Politics, and can help guide your success regardless of which Party you call "home". And beyond Political success, there are some "best practices" which will help make the time you spend playing eRepublik as much fun as possible.

All of the information we provide here in our Military Fitness Academy is "optional". The only requirement for remaining a member in good standing with EZC is to kill the enemy. (If you want to kill the enemy with EZC-supplied equipment, you will also be required to wear our uniform and work in our Military Supply Company.) Beyond this, you are free to do what you wish with the information we provide.

The first thing we'd like to invite you to do is read through the History of Easy Company and get informed through our Wiki page. Then you can begin to read through each of our MFA threads. Post any questions you may have and an experienced Officer will provide you with answers in a timely fashion.

Most of all, have fun. And CURRAHEE!

All of our MFA pages are stand-alone. You cannot make comments on them. However, this thread is here for you to ask questions based on anything you have read. The MFA will continue to be updated over time so that it remains current.

Military Fitness Academy [MFA]
*Getting Started
*Spending Gold and USD
*Maximizing Every Click
*Getting Plugged In
* Topics are now Open
(Coming Soon)
eRepublik Acronyms

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