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Here's my 2G

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Here's my 2G

Post by Kortanul on Tue Jun 18, 2013 11:16 pm

Who did what to our CP and what ditch is he lying in?

Well this isn't the article I wanted my paper to debut with, but this has been building over the past couple days and I have to say something.


So Tenshibo, you know that title you campaigned for with all that swag nonsense? Yeah, it's more than a title, it's supposed to imply a position of great responsibility, it's supposed to be worn by the one we look to when we're lost. You're the leader of a large eNation.

This is how many of us feel right now.

This is how I feel about things right now.

Go write an article on the war, give your country some direction, rally the forces or tell them to lie and wait for the wipe. Even if you expect it to change, give the country a plan so we're not running around like a group of headless roaches accomplishing nothing. A nation's leader needs to act as a leader, else he should resign and let someone else do the job he can't.

Maybe you've been panicking and overwhelmed by the flood of enemies, maybe you've been busy with RL, maybe you've actually given up, who knows. Regardless, get your act together--your country's at war with half the world and without a leader right now.

Don't let these guys laugh at us forever.


Votes and whatever else are appreciated, but I doubt I'll use my paper enough to warrant subbing, and I doubt I'll ever post anything meaningful. This is my rant, this I had to do for me.


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Re: Here's my 2G

Post by Kortanul on Tue Aug 13, 2013 12:38 am

Alright kids, let's all freak out.

Or don't, because, y'know, this work tax really isn't that horrific. The max rate, lack of bonuses, and no congress all rolled into one is a terrible situation to be in, but it's not permanent.

For this article, I'll not bother with the pretty pictures as I'm not out to make friends or gain favor, simply stating my opinion on the matter in a form that allows longer, more elegant posts than the feed.

Complete with skim-friendly bold text throughout the article due to lack of pictures for entertainment.

We'll get our territories back, reclaim our nation, all that jazz, but first we've gotta reclaim our right to a functional government. First, we need to get our congress, as long as we do that every month we can keep on going without much worry. Roll with the punches, don't be collapsing into a weeping pile of self-pity because the big bad adults took away your candy.

Once we get our congress, we can fix our tax rates--25% income tax was fine since most anyone that mattered worked as manager or communed anyway, but 25% general work tax is something we can't handle in the current economy. We all know this, even our whale on the throne knows this, and we'll fix it, so don't go running away just yet. Lie and wait, grit your teeth and keep working, whatever, but stick around. Things will definitely get better.


All that fluff about motivation and understanding aside, here's what I felt needed saying.

This work tax had to happen. I know that, you know that, everyone knows WaM was an economy-breaking thing, especially tax-free. Workers get taxed, product gets taxed, why didn't we as managers? What's the point of any tax if there's such an easily accessible loophole to all of it? Why could we just produce all of our own stuff for free and sell it to the market cheaper because our personal costs went down to near nothing? What good does that do us long-term? How can you expect employees and products to remain of any value when you can just work free?

Do I feel 25% is a good rate? No, not now at least. Should we have taxes? Yes. I feel around 10-15% would be good for the market. Once we get our bonuses back, that amount shouldn't even make anyone flinch, but should definitely continue to help boost the economy.


Now among the remaining issues is far too many producers--completely going over any possible level of demand. We need weapons factories off the market, and I know many of the players owning them feel they need to work their factories to make SOME money to justify having them, lest they be forced to dissolve and lose large sums of gold. That doesn't change that there are too many. We can't all be producers of the same product and expect things to go well. It can't work.

Seriously, this is what we look like.

The other issue? What the hell is with all this gold raining out of the skies with nowhere to go? How can we expect values to ever balance to anything at all reasonable when there is so much gold that it pretty much can't drop any lower in value? We need a few good gold sinks, something enticing and rewarding that will permanently reduce the gold available. That or we could just demand that we pretend by inflating the amount of CC available, it would likely have the same effect for a while--though not a permanent fix at all.


That is all, my friends. This is the end of my entirely too wordy opinion article on the current issues at hand.


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