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eUS March Madness Pool

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eUS March Madness Pool

Post by RaccoonGoon on Mon Mar 14, 2016 12:32 am

So, there's not much going on in eRep at the moment, but Israel Stevens (who happens to be president right now) is trying to alleviate that with a bit of out-of-game fun.

The related article:

Jump in the Pool

I love the NCAA March Madness. Especially the first weekend. Omg. Some of my friends get together and watch it all weekend. We just drink and eat and talk. And there’s basketball on in the background. But that isn’t even the most important part. It’s just an excuse.

Regardless, it’s my favorite. So let’s have some eRep fun with it.

I’m offering up a total of 1000 Q7 Tanks in prizes for winning the eUSA Pool.
500 tanks to the winner.
300 tanks to 2nd place.
125 tanks to 3rd place.
50 tanks to 4th place.
25 tanks to 5th place.

-You must have eUS Citizenship to win prizes. Anyone can play, but only Americans win (just like IRL).
-Your bracket needs to be identifiable to you. You can either
post on the forums which one is yours, or do like I did, and name your bracket after your eRep name.
-Your account needs to be alive at the end of the tournament (April 4, I believe).
-All scoring will be done by Yahoo.

How to join:
Two different ways, but you will need a Yahoo Account for either of them.
Join this Bracket
PM me your email and I will invite you.

In other news; there is none. It’s reallllly quiet out there. Not particularly fun. So go join the pool and win some tanks. That will be fun.

click this link to yell at me. So far, it’s just Molly chastising my choice in gin. Turns out, she has super fancy taste.

And if you haven’t yet, please please please check out
Aramec’s Press Briefings. They are amazing. You don’t even have to be in the cabinet to understand them. It’s just really great writing. Kid is slaving away for like 30 views per day. Not even getting endorsements out of it. Go give him some love.

And go get in the pool, dammit.

That's some pretty hefty prizing for a bracket, and I know a number of you like sports, so I figured I'd post about it in here in case anyone might be interested.

eRep Profile Link
Click it. You know you want to. It's mesmerizing...:

Because Thunder Buddies are awesome, and you know you can never have enough gyrating Ted.

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