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[TTH] Encouraging Participation

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[TTH] Encouraging Participation

Post by Franklin Stone on Thu Dec 11, 2014 7:23 am

[TTH] Encouraging Participation


Reading music from Warsaw, Indiana....

Help Defend America! Join a Military Unit Today!

Before we begin I wish to state here and now that I DO NOT speak for Easy Company Militia, nor do I speak for the majority of the We The People Leadership; but what both these communities have in common is the freedom for citizens to express themselves. I speak only as a 'pop gun' America Soldier of no consequence, I speak only as an insignificant but loyal American; I speak only as an American who believes in America First.

Over the last few days this administration has been encouraging getting involved, pointing out that it takes participation in order to make this social game -eRepublik- fun to play. The White House Press Report (WHPR) has challenged both new and old citizens to write articles, one I would like to see from our resident economist -Kemal Ergenekon- is a detailed explanation of Food and Weapons Companies, starting with 'Should a new citizen purchase a Food or Weapon Company?'

America's new citizens need to be informed before they make purchases they regret and the information currently available is outdated to say the least, extremely hard to find is the worst part. Another fine article from our economist would be an explanation of why America has a 12% Work As Manager (WAM) tax, a 5% Value Added Tax (VAT) on Food, Weapons and Houses; while only having a 1% Import Tax -which allows Foreign Producers to not only sell on the American Market, but to be the offers listed first -or maybe he could simply provide the links to Discussion, Proposal and Vote threads in Congress.

An excellent way to make new citizens feel welcome and to tickle the ego of older citizens is awards and the eUSA Forums has many such awards; from a 'Congressional Award' to the newly requested, granted and created 'Pfriends Award'. A quick look around those forums will show that some Military Unit (MU) have such awards, while others do not; Congress has one for those who are lucky enough to make it into Congress. Even Dio Brando (who BTW is dead and gone) has one that is only given to those chosen by a Dio Disciple. There are many more awards such as these two and the best rack of them can be seen displayed on Henry Pfeiffer Arundel's profile.

Having been chosen to work on the WHPR this month I asked for the creation of an award -'WHPR Staff'- to be awarded to the Secretary of Media and their staff writers in the Request new Nonexistant Awards here and was basically denied, SHIELD also requested an award for their MU that also appears to have been denied. Yet earlier in that same thread a new award Pfriends, was requested and created; it is now awarded at the sole discretion of Mr Arundel; who proudly displays it at the Top of his Rack.

In the Public Congressional Proceedings one of the first things every Administration does is propose a New Citizen Message, which is mostly vanity considering the only thing that changes is the name of the President; here is my idea: That message should welcome new citizens and then reference them to the White House Press Room, The Pony Express and The Speakers Word sans Presidential moniker. Those publications should then support all public and private organizations that aid a new citizen in learning to survive this digital world of eRepublik.

Elanaconda supported the concept of promoting all military units -both public and private; which was pretty quickly shot down with the 'why should the government support anyone besides the USAF/' attitude; never mind that nine other units contribute a not inconsequential amount of damage to the battlefield. Never mind that the current President learned his statesmanship at the helm of the most prominent PRIVATE military unit in America, a unit that routinely shows they are the greater part of the whole; never mind that it takes a budget line to get from the USAF what America can have and more from Easy Company Militia with some simple loyalty.

What do all of these have in common, INVOLVEMENT. Suggestions were made that involved something new, something so simply done by the many Graphic Artists eRepublik has that one for Mr Arundel and his Colleagues to proudly display on their racks was done virtually overnight. Something so easily done by the many Article Coders to add a line of the Top 10 Units in America, don't let me pat my mates on the back for their help on the battlefield; while breaking the 'Backbone of America' patting our own backs. This is not a call for rebellion or to march on Rome with the most powerful PRIVATE military unit in America, but someday the USAF may look back to see no one coming to it's aid.

It takes a cadre of Military Units to defend America, though some of us may stand alone; we do so together!
Defend America!

Strength & Honor
Corporal Franklin Stone
9th 'Green Team' Regiment
Military Fitness Academy Cadet
Easy Company Militia
Pax Armis Acquiritur

Join a Party Today! Vote for President Dec 5th!

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Franklin Stone

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