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Mission: Operation Kick Ass

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Mission: Operation Kick Ass

Post by Franklin Stone on Tue Oct 14, 2014 1:13 pm

Mission: Operation Kick Ass


Mission Accomplished, awesome job.

Final Scores:
Easy Company.................17,080,532,166

United States Armed Forces...16,618,700,862

Individual Results

Jasher - 2814 kills D4

Pro Shqipe - 793 Kills D3

what4 519 Kills D2

Franklin Stone 497 Kills D1

Recently I have made some comments about cutting the Budget Line for the United States Armed Forces, now that Easy has made my point; here are my responses to one of My Commanding Officers 1st Lieutenant Kortanul, 7th 'Spartans' Regiment, Easy Company Militia, who I wish to thank for his input; after all I do love a good debate.

'Privatising USAF would lead to its loss of a budget line, as its budget line is to fund a government-held MU to fight strictly on government orders. It is a major FA tool and makes damage direction easier. If you were to split USAF off and still fund it, then either they're still government owned, or we're paying for an MU that has nothing to offer and doesn't follow orders. There is no reason to sever USAF, nor should it seek independence.'

As I stated I believe the Military should be a check against an Executive -which BTW includes Congress- that changes every 30 days, one of the reasons for privatizing the United States Armed Forces is that blind obedience to Presidential Orders; the USAF can not be effective if every 30 days orders change. It is because of that blind obedience we were drug into a war with Canada, a war IMO most citizens did not want; though I applaud the fact that the soldiers of the USAF obeyed orders -they were badly misused by their government. That is why I favor privatization, since private donations are impossible to halt and currently equals government funding they are in essence a PMU; so why continue to fund an MU you feel 'has nothing to offer ' as a PMU -who without said funding would most likely be the equal of SHIELD? No insult intended towards my SHIELD Brothers.

Easy Company Militia is a far better Foreign Affairs tool than the USAF and we are private closed community, not under the command of the President and completely loyal to America. A military unit is only a good Foreign Affairs tool if they are feared, who do you think foreign armies fear more; the USAF or Easy Company? During the Canadian War I followed Easy Daily Orders and while I DO NOT speak for the Command Officers of Easy Company, as I followed those orders; as a soldier I felt that Easy stayed loyal to America -not necessarily to the President.

'While EZC's unique system works for EZC, it is extremely expensive and supplies are far from the best. EZC works because of an internal brotherhood that has been shown to be nigh-impossible to develop elsewhere. EZC is also a closed MU with a controlled and stable population, and many loyal, long-term members. SHIELD tries to be a bit like EZC, but I don't have enough experience dealing with them to say more.'

I totally agree that Easy Company is a unique closed community, a closed community of well disciplined soldiers; which is very expensive to run and worth every CC. Can Easy's way of life be taught, no; but everyday I see new soldiers who want to learn it signing up with the Best. For the ordinary soldier most MUs have a set limit of Weapons and Wellness per day, believe the USAF uses an IRC request system with a two request maximum; seems to me most of the expense would come from supplying tanks with extra rations -which is as it should be. The new Census Bureau, the Department of Interior - which funds Bank Up 2 Strengthen Up and are all 'departments' of the government; yet each and every one is run by private donations and are unique to 'in game' life. We The People's 'Whalefare Program' is just getting off the ground and strives to be the top supplier to those in need and is also supported by 'Private Donations' -why?

Privatization works, government oversight doesn't....anyone remember Operation Retread?

Join Easy Company Militia, be the Best!

Pax Armis Acquiritur
Strength & Honor
Captain Franklin Stone
9th 'Green Team' Regiment
Easy Company Militia
Franklin Stone

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Re: Mission: Operation Kick Ass

Post by Jasher on Tue Oct 14, 2014 9:53 pm

What is OKA?

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