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Nothing Personal, but....

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Nothing Personal, but.... Empty Nothing Personal, but....

Post by Franklin Stone on Tue Apr 22, 2014 1:14 pm

Nothing Personal, but...

Nothing Personal, but.... FranklinStone14th_zps02aad537

My name is Franklin Stone and I am running for Congress, which is my right as an American citizens; as it is the right of my Party President to slot me in a position that will kept me out of Congress. Although I would love the opportunity to join the ‘circle jerk’ in Congress, I very much doubt I will make it and if being a figurehead for a predetermined political line is one of the requirements then I do not want it.

I wish to again point out that I speak for myself and not the WTP leadership, who has made it abundantly clear that they do not wish to cross swords with Henry Pfeiffer Arundel. From that I can only surmise that the leader of the 'Pfeifferist Cabal' has made it abundantly clear that he will do everything he can to destroy a party over a members personal game view of him.

I express some pretty drastic ideas here and elsewhere and since I am running for Congress I would like at this time to submit my name to the IES, CIA, FEC, or any other recognized ATO program, which approves citizenships and supply me with a report of their conclusions.

My request for this check is two fold, the first being I would like to help with ATO operations; but do not do so for fear of not being allowed back in country when the job is done. Second I wish to show that none of the many personas I have played has committed a censorable offense either in game or in the meta Congress, other than being the loud mouth drunk at the end of the bar who isn't afraid to express his opinion I have never done harm to America.

Nothing Personal, but.... CongressDome_zpscd2cf0bd

Immigration and IES Law

Above is a link to the text of the recently approved ‘IES Immigration Law’. Now while I think this law makes some huge leaps -if fairly applied- there are some areas which concern me.

‘This censure may only be overturned by a vote of Congress; this vote may be started by a normal proposal and vote OR the Speaker may move it directly to a vote at his own discretion; the Speaker may not overturn any such censure by his own authority.’

Since the censures are automatic the above article of the Law negates the whole idea. If you have the votes, which many ‘well connected’ citizens have; they will simply break the law and then get the censure voted down. Personally if you get censored that’s it, you’re out for the prescribed time.

‘Upon second infraction by a Congressman who has previously been censured for unlawful citizenship approval, said Congressman shall receive an automatic censure from Congress for three months thereafter.’

‘Upon third infraction by a Congressman who has previously been censured for unlawful citizenship approval, said Congressman shall receive an automatic blacklist from Congress for constituting a PTO threat.’

Why are there articles in this Law allowing for 2nd and 3rd offences, personally once a citizen has broken the Immigration Law they have shown themselves to be untrustworthy, it’s like someone's partner striking them and being forgiven; only to do it again. Such a citizen has also shown they are a PTO threat and therefore the penalty for the 1st infraction should be blacklisting and the articles allowing for 2nd and 3rd offenses redacted.

The above law was released to the open Public Congressional Proceedings and since it concerns every citizen in the game of eRepublik -not just those who play the meta game- who might wish to move to America, I feel it is important that it be brought to the attention of those who play eRepublik in game and not on a forum controlled by one political group.

It is also critical that every American citizen who wishes to take part in ATO operations ‘over there’ and and who are controversial Tin Hatters; it is quite possible that your reenter to America may be denied.

Nothing Personal, but.... Pfieffer_zps9ba1b076

I also want to make it abundantly clear that my dislike of Henry Pfeiffer Arundel does not stem from any personal knowledge of the man behind the mask other than the replies he himself leaves.

My dislike comes from his having defected to the UK, his becoming politically active enough to become a UK Party President; then he became a UK Congress Member -twice- and finally became a member of the UK Foreign Office -just how do you calculate the damage he did to America?

Since Mr Arundel is a well known and powerful American Politician it is the fact that upon his return he refused to fill out the proper immigration forms and wait until he was approved, instead he obtained his citizenship by the very means being outlawed in the above Immigration Law; WTF?

Here is a powerful politician who obtained his citizenship illegally, considering that fact my question is, 'Why is he not blacklisted and censored from Congress?' This arrogant exhibitionst sociopath is in America illegally, runs the 2nd largest party in America and influences laws aimed at keeping citizens such as himself out of America; I mean WTF?

It is Mr Arundel’s style of Politics. Anyone who has been playing this game since 2009 knows what kind of politics he conducts, the WTP got slapped in the face with it just yesterday; simply for allowing their party members to express their opinions. Congress has passed a new Immigration Law with Mr Arundel's help, which calls for the censor of citizens who allow unapproved citizens to gain citizenship; while not punishing the citizen who obtained said illegal citizenship. A citizen who broke every immigration law to gain illegal citizenship is now helping to outlaw citizens who wish to simply emulate him, just WTF has America become?

Always remember: America Strength & Honor

Nothing Personal, but.... FStone_zpscf163103

Franklin Stone
Franklin Stone

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